We work with passion

Whatever we do, we do them with determination and great passion for great result

We are innovative

we create processes that make it easy for new ideas to be heard and adopted and channels for better

We are result driven

our goal is to create solutions that works for business problems

We build relations

The best thing to hold onto is relationship...we maintain relationship with our clients.


 Quantum Consulting Limited has an emerging company is driven by innovation,  
accountability,customer satisfaction,social responsibility and integrity.

Who we are.

Quantum Consulting Limited is a professional IT services company that specializes in providing cost effective, high value technology and business solutions. We help our clients with the selection, deployment and maintenance of their complete management system that runs their business. We have an experienced technical and management team, the expertise and speed to help our clients achieve faster corporate growth.

We also provide IT support, training, project management, and strategic business solutions.We cultivate and manage cost-efficient, comprehensive IT systems to empower our clients and maximize uptime. We deliver value in the form of tailor-made services to organizations, SMBs, corporations, and government agencies.

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Our solutions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (95%)
100% Complete
Software and website Development(95%)
94% Complete
Business Intelligence and Analytics (94%)
90% Complete
Real Estate and Consulting(95%)
95% Complete

Our Work

(strategic + compelling) Clear, cohesive design solutions (Web, Interactive Multimedia and Software Development

Our process

(flexible + effective) Real-world thinking, comprehensive research and a design methodology that balances strategy with creativity.

Our values

(credibility + vision) A collaborative spirit that combines ingenuity and passion with an emphasis on solving our clients' most compelling business challenges.

The result

(credibility + success) A consistent focus on helping clients grow their business through clear and effective communication

One of the best ERP solution provider in Nigeria

Quantum erp solution is one of the best and quality erp on around.


Quantum ERP is such a vast ERP system that sometimes it is better to gain complete information about its functions before deciding it's implementation in your business


One of the primary stepping stone for dealing with any software system is to know the configuration about it.


A Perfect Installation of Quantum ERP system needs proper configuration of Log file,config file, Postgresql database too, and we are proficient enough to give a smooth install.


An enterprise application must go by "client's way" and not, the client should go by "application's way", having said, that describes the flexibility of the software.


As ERP systems are big systems that end-user doesn't know sometimes where to go and what to configure to get desired result.


We know, Customer retention is not something that often occurs purely by accident. But we are here to support

Crafting Modules On Demand

Day by day the growth business can lead to demand of extra ERP modules and customizations...


"It is rather difficult to maintain system, than to develop it", and we are sure, every one will agree on this.

  • Organize your opportunities and stay focused on your best deals. Quantum CRM frees you to do what you do best: selling. Focus on creating and capturing opportunities. Customize your pipeline according to your needs and drag & drop your opportunities from one stage to another.

  • Easily access all the necessary information about each opportunity. Adapt estimated revenue and success rate. Organize your next activities and schedule meeting straight from the lead form.

  • Communicate with customers via email, phone, chat, and social media from within your Quantum CRM.

  • Design custom dashboards to get a picture of your business at a glance. That will be useful to easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory related data.

  • Be in the know when to have next meeting or in a call with a customer. Use Quantum's ERP Contact view aka Business Card View to instantly get a detailed look at all pertinent customer information like past calls, meetings, sales, invoices, opportunities from one form. No scrolling, no searching.

Some Of Our Core Product.

These are some of our core products that we offer

Enterprise resourse planning

Enterprise resourse planning.

Point of sale System

Point of sale System

Inventory Management system

Inventory Management system

School Management System.

School Management System

Our Deployment Approach

Project implementation range from plannong to implementation.

Planning and design

Planning is an objective of each and every activity, where we want to discover things that belong to the project. An important task in creating a software program is extracting the requirements or requirements analysis.[5] Customers typically have an abstract idea of what they want as an end result but do not know what software should do. Skilled and experienced software engineers recognize incomplete, ambiguous, or even contradictory requirements at this point. Frequently demonstrating live code may help reduce the risk that the requirements are incorrect.

Once the general requirements are gathered from the client, an analysis of the scope of the development should be determined and clearly stated. This is often called a scope document.

Setup and development

We help you develop a sustainable architectural program that aligns your IT roadmap to Microsoft’s. This will help you advance the business, information, integration, and solution components of your architectures as new technologies emerge.

Once the requirements are established, the design of the software can be established in a software design document. This involves a preliminary or high-level design of the main modules with an overall picture (such as a block diagram) of how the parts fit together. The language, operating system, and hardware components should all be known at this time. Then a detailed or low-level design is created, perhaps with prototyping as proof-of-concept or to firm up requirements.

End-user Training

Training of the end users is one of the most important steps for a successful system implementation. The end users should be utilized during parallel testing, so training will need to be rolled out prior to that. Getting the end users involved at this point is also a good way to get them excited about the system, as many of them may not have been involved with the project prior to training.


As a company that satisfies its client with the current and emerging trends in each industry that we cater for,Our deployment caters for solving likely problems subject to trends in each industries.we are able to achieve this distinct deployment model because we are driven by innovation from application development to business consulting and other services we render,our deployment model is one you won't get from any other firm except us with constant follow up with our clients to checkmate thier problem and upgrade their services base on emerging trends in their industries which they might not even be aware of. As a firm, we are surrounded by vibriant minds with high thinking capacity so you bet it that with our deployment model you are rest assured.